In Vogue

Sizzling Paris. This Parisian Experience is for the hipster or the hipster-in-waiting. In this itinerary we combine the newest and hottest restaurants with the coolest bars, art openings as well as music performance listings. See and experience the most up-to-date Paris undiscovered by the masses. We've designed this experience for someone who loves to explore newly opened gastro-bistros, boutiques and avant guarde artistic happenings when they travel. With our self-guided but pre-booked itineraries you can rest easy that the details will be taken care so you can get the most from your trip at your own pace and lesiure. This itinerary goes perfectly with some of our hipster style apartments in the areas where the creative class takes up residence. Click on the photo at left for more information. To book, contact:


Healthy Paris, for runners, yogis and health-nuts. This itinerary is coming soon. For more info contact: